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Richard Misrach
Salton Sea (T.V. Antennae)
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Richard Misrach
Mars & Air Traffic Over Las Vegas 3.12.97 10:26pm - 2:14am
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Richard Misrach
Golden Gate 9.26.98 6:31 PM
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Richard Misrach
Cloud #503
  Richard Misrach


1949 Los Angeles, CA


2000 "Skies," Curt Marcus Gallery, New York
"Golden Gate," Gail Gibson Gallery, Seattle
1999 "View From My Front Porch," Robert Mann Gallery, New York
Diputacion de Granada, Spain
Fraenkel Gallery
1998 "Crimes and Splendors: The Desert Cantos of Richard Misrach," San Jose Museum of Art;
The Contemporary Museum, Honolulu
"Nuclear Legacies," Tufts University Gallery, Boston
Catherine Edelman Gallery
1997 "Skies/ Heavenly Bodies [sic]," Curt Marcus Gallery, New York
Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco
Catherine Edelman Gallery, Chicago
Gail Gibson Gallery, Seattle
1996 "Playboys/Paintings," Curt Marcus Gallery, New York
"17 Photographs," Robert Mann Gallery, New York
"The Skies," Jan Kesner Gallery, Los Angeles
"Crimes and Splendors: The Desert Cantos of Richard Misrach," The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas; San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, Texas; The Museum of
Contemporary Art, Chicago
(a traveling exhibition and catalogue)
1995 "The Salt Flats; Clouds," Curt Marcus Gallery, New York
"Dead Animals," Westwood Gallery, New York
1993 "Clouds," Robert Mann Gallery, New York
Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco
1992 "Clouds," Jan Kesner Gallery, Los Angeles
1991 University of Nevada, Reno Friends of Photography, San Francisco
Fotomann, Inc., New York
1990 "Bravo 20: A National Park Proposal," University of Nevada, Las Vegas (traveling)
Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco
Jan Kesner Gallery, Los Angeles
Les Rencontres d’Arles, France
Parco Gallery, Tokyo (traveling)
The Photographer’s Gallery, London (traveling)
1989 University Art Museum, Berkeley, California
Dominican College, San Rafael, California
Fotomann, Inc., New York
Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco, California
Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, Ohio
University of New Mexico Art Museum, Albuquerque, New Mexico
1988 Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois
Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, Harvard University
Cleveland Museum of Art, Ohio
Gallery Min, Tokyo
Jan Kesner Fine Arts, Los Angeles
Las Palmas Museum of Art, Mallorca, Spain
Milwaukee Art Museum, Wisconsin
National Gallery of Art, Wellington, New Zealand ("Desert Cantos," traveling)
Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Sanata Barbara
Santa Monica College, Santa Monica, California Seibu Department Store, Tokyo
Sierra Nevada Museum of Art, Reno, Nevada
1987 Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco
Oakland Museum, Oakland, California (sponsoring museum of the traveling exhibit, "Richard Misrach: Photographs of the American Desert")
Palm Springs Desert Museum, Palm Springs, California
Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1986 "Richard Misrach: Desert Cantos," Houston Center for Photography, Houston, Texas
The Watson Gallery, Houston, Texas
1985 Film in the Cities, Minneapolis
Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco
Light Gallery, New York
Martin Gallery, Washington D.C.
1984 "Richard Misrach: A Decade of Photography," Friends of Photography, Carmel, CA Honolulu Academy of Art, Honolulu, Hawaii
Blue Sky Gallery, Portland, Oregon
Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, Oregon
Etherton Gallery, Tuscon, Arizona
1983 Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles
1982 "Guadalajara 82," Madrid, Spain
1981 "Grapestake Gallery, San Francisco
1980 G. Ray Hawkins Gallery, Los Angeles
Paul Cava Gallery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Young-Hoffman Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
1979 Musee National d’Art Moderne (The Beauborg), Centre National d’Arts
Paris, France
Camera Obscura Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
Cronin Gallery, Houston, Texas
1978 University of Oregon Art Museum, Eugene, Oregon
1977 ARCO Center for Visual Arts, Los Angeles
Oakland Museum, Oakland, California
1976 Madison Art Center, Oakland, California
1975 International Center for Photography, New York


2001 "Group Exhibition," Curt Marcus Gallery, New York
2000 " The Sea & The Sky," Beaver College Art Gallery, PA & the Royal Hibernian Acadamy,
1998 "The Paving of Paradise," Seattle Art Museum
"SEGRAP," Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco
"Light as Substance," Cypress College, CA
"Works in Progress," James Danziger Gallery, NY
"Measure of Nature," The Art Institute of Chigago
"Landscape," Meyerson & Nowinski, Seattle, Washington
1997 "Scene of the Crime," Arm and Hammer Museum of Art, UCLA, CA
"Aerial Perspectives," DC Moore Gallery, New York
"The Great Outdoors," Gimpel Fils, London
"American Art Today: The Garden," The Art Museum at Florida International University, Miami
1996 "America’s Arid West," Whitney Museum of Art, New York
"Legacy of Light," Cleveland Museum of Art
1995 "Pulp Fact," The Photographer’s Gallery, London
Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco
"Group Exhibition," Robert Mann Gallery , New York
"Group Exhibition," Curt Marcus Gallery, New York
1994 "Visions of America Landscape as Metaphor in the 20th Century," Denver
Art Museum, Denver, Colorado (traveling exhibition)
"After Art," Henry Art Museum, Seattle
1991 Whitney Biennial (catalogue), Whitney Museum of Art, NY
1990 Whitney Museum Annex, New York (catalogue) (I)
Whitney Museum Annex, New York (catalogue) (II)
"Myth of the West," Henry Art Gallery, Washington D.C.
1989 Musee d’Art Moderne, (Beaubourg), Paris
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George Eastman House, Rochester, NY
"Fire Sites," Columbia College
"Picturing California: A Century of Photographic Genius" (catalogue), Oakland Museum, CA
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American Images: New Work by Twenty American Photographers," Corcoran
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"Summer Night," Light Gallery, NY
"Young American Photography," Kalamazoo Institute Center for Photography
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1973 "Places," San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA


1994 Distinguished Career in Photography Award, Los Angeles Center for Photographic Studies, LA
1992 National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship
1991 Eureka Fellowship, Fleishaker Foundation, San Francisco
1989 Desert Cantos received the Silver Medal at the International Book Design Exhibition in Leipzig, Germany
1988 International Center of Photography Award for Outstanding Publication of 1987 (Desert Cantos, University of New Mexico Press)
Time Magazine, Cover Commission (July 4, 1988)
DIA Art Foundation commission (to photograph Michael Heizer’s, The City)
New York Foundation for the Arts commission: Paper for the Orcas Conference/Creative
Support for the Creative Artist (November 1988); "Bucks and Ethics"
1987 Philadelphia Museum of Art Commission
1986 National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship Panelist
1984 National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship Contemporary Arts Forum Commission, ("Focus, Santa Barbara")
1981 A.I.G.A. Graphic Arts Award (For Design of Hawaii poster)
1979 John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Fellowship
1978 Bell Corporation Commission, "American Images"
1977 National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship
1976 Ferguson Grant, Friends of Photography, California
1975 Western Book Award for Telegraph 3 A. M. (Cornucopia Press, 1974)
1973 National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship


1990 California Institute for the Arts, Valencia, California
1986 University of California, Santa Barbara
1984 University of California, Berkeley


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